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Nursery / Plant Bags

A New Concept in Plastic Plant Containers

  • More economical than rigid containers; requires less energy to produce...you get the savings!
  • Available in standard & custom sizes, packed flat in boxes for storage savings
  • More plants per square foot using plastic plant bags
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Retains moisture in soil longer...conserves water
  •  According to Dr. Carl E. Whitcomb in AMERICAN NURSERYMAN "At the end of the growing season, plants in soft containers were five to 15 percent larger than plants in the same size rigid plastic container."

Plastic Planting Sleeves Plastic Planting Sleeves for field use are available in two colors:

  • BLACK for locations where soil heat retention is desirable, or not a problem (Avg. field life 18-24 months)
  • WHITE with Ultra Violet Inhibitors for locations where soil heat retention must be minimized. (Avg. field life 10-16 months) For field use we recommend planting sleeve gauges be .008 to .010 mil.
Plastic Greenhouse Seedbags Plastic Greenhouse Seed Bags for Avocado, Citrus, Kiwi, Jojoba, Christmas trees, etc. are available in two standard sizes:

  • 2½" x 2" wide x 9½" long x .003 mil for larger seed.
  • 2" x 1½" wide x 9½" long x .003 mil for smaller seed.

Both sizes are provided with 24 to 32 drainage holes per bag. Standard color is Black. Custom colors and sizes can be readily made to meet your specifications.
Plastic Greenhouse Plant Bags Plastic Greenhouse Plant Bags, a low cost replacement for rigid containers, are now available from our stock in both 1 gallon and "egg can" sizes for immediate delivery in quantities of 15,000 or less. Larger quantities and custom sizes will be made to order. Please phone for price quotations.

All TDI² planting sleeves, seed bags and plant bags are extruded from virgin polyethylene and color concentrates which guarantee maximum greenhouse and field life. Call to receive a free sample pack.
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